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Herbie's 53rd Anniversary Celebration is meant to be a non-profit event that was set-up to hopefully pay for itself.  Originally intended only for those who either owner their own Herbie and/or are simply fans who wanted to tag along, we have now opened it up to include ALL VW's and/or vehicles that are VW powered and has now grown to include a full scale judged car show on Saturday, April 2nd and running laps at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, April 3rd with over 300 cars.  We hope this event will go down in history as one of the great ones, but it does need your support.  As with any event of this size, contributions are always greatly appreciated no matter how small or large. 

Some items that we could still use are as follows;

1)  Any financial contribution that could be used to help finance the event beyond what is collected in registration.  This money would be used for supporting items such as the entertainment, the cost of venues, etc..  Although the event is meant to be non-profit, it has not been filed as a non-profit corporation so we cannot give you a tax-exempt certificate.  However, any money over what it takes to put on the event will be donated to Cancer Research.

2)  As usual, we will be giving away goodie bags to all participants (350 max) and have already purchased some small items for the bags.  However, we can always use more!  Anything that could be used as stuffers would be greatly appreciated.

3)  We are still seeking someone to donate cold drinks for the show on Saturday.  We expect a relatively large crowd with thousands in attendance but would love to set up a cold ice tank with free cold drinks and water for our guests.  We would try to control who is eligible by handing out wrist bands upon entry to the show.  It is estimated that we could use at least 1500 drinks.

4)  To ensure we can pay for everything, it has been suggested that corporate sponsors may want to purchase access to the Daytona Speedway on Sunday and then give those away either to their own workforce or to customers.  The cost is $50/vehicle.

Of course there are many ways that you can participate.  Please use the contact form on the website or write directly to Gail Love at

Current Sponsors:


Marcel Rinder, Justin Ellis, Todd Ryone and John Krol for support in Graphics, Shirt Design

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