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You have been given access to this pre-registration form because you have already registered for the event indicating you want to participate.  It's now time to get serious.  Preliminary costs have been put together and it appears that to put on a really epic event, it will cost between $12K to $15K, very similar to what most good car shows cost to put on, probably on the low side.  This comes out approximately $150/family or vehicle that plans on attending.  Many of you have already contributed this or more trying to raise money for a celebrity, but we failed to raise the amount needed so if you were one of those who contributed, you don't have to do anything else, you are covered.  However, if you never contributed, now is the time you have to make a commitment.

My family will be asked soon by The Daytona International Speedway and One Daytona to sign agreements that will commit us to this event.  We cannot do this unless we know you are behind us.  So here is the deal.  We are asking everyone to donate a minimum of $25/month for the next six months to ensure we have the money available to put on the event.  This is not negotiable.  We need you committment.

Some are worried about the money disappearing if the event does not move forward.  If you know us, we are good at what we do and have a great track record.  Your money is being kept in the PayPal account and will not be pulled out except for advance deposits.  If the event is cancelled, we will return your money to the fullest extent possible.

In addition, we are still pursuing holding a full VW as part of our event.  Of course this brings on a number of other challenges, but we are willing to take it on.  Assuming we move ahead with this, we will attempt to raise the total amount needed from those participants only and your money (or at least most of it) will be simply waiting for you when you arrive for other expenses you might occur.  


So, if you will, please complete the simple form below and let us know that you are with us.  We need to know you are serious. 

Tell Us About Yourself 

Thanks for submitting!

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