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Many have seen our son's car, Stephen's Herbie, over the years and remember it because of the unique features it possesses such as being computer operated, opening hood and doors, etc.  If you haven't seen his car, you can see the car in operation and how some of the early modifications were done by going to our son's webpage, Click Here.  At the 53rd Anniversary, we found a little time to hold a workshop on how some of the basic tricks were done and how to do the same to your car. 


Since we first transformed this car, we have been able to build around 20 kits for individuals around the world, many still in operation today.  However, we are no longer offering kits so for those who have been thinking about animating their own cars, we thought that we would include some of the documentation used at the event here as well for those who missed the event.By no means is this the only way you should make modifications to your car, but maybe it will give you some ideas to work from. 

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