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CAR SHOW winners

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Saturday was a day of rain and heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon, but we still had several hundred beautiful cars turn out for the day.  With thunderstorms approaching, and some technical difficulties with the new electronic tablets purchased for the event, the judging was completed but we were unable to announce the winners.  We apologize for the inconvenience especially since all of the trophies were on-site and ready to be handed out.  Anyway, the technical issues have been resolved and the results are now in and shown below.  We had seven judges on site broken down into different sections with the goal of having every car looked at and judged by at least two judges so averages could be used in deciding the winners. Although  we were responsible for compiling the data, we never had the opportunity to actually go out and look at the beautiful eye candy ourselves so the results below are simply as the judges recorded the information for us.  Please, this was to be a fun event and we hope everyone will accept the results as published.  We do not intend to go back over the data or to change anything unless there appears to be a total admission somewhere along the way.  Trophies will be packaged and shipped to you as soon as can get them in the mail.  Please, if your name appears below, send us the preferred mailing address you want them delivered to, and make sure you do so through messenger or by using a previous email that we will recognize so that someone else doesn't try to take advantage of this offer.  The good news is that we will have spare trophies on hand and we are willing to sell these as keepsakes for only $10 each plus shipping.  If interested, please let us know...

Update, April 5, 2022

I am really sorry to have to announce this, but I was questioned by two individuals regarding those who won and in both cases I found that I had made a mistake and have had to correct the list below making them the first place winners in Classes 4B and 1J.  Again, the mistake was on me and this is the only right thing to do.  Please accept my apology...

the results

Car Show Winners.pdf_page_1.jpg
Car Show Winners.pdf_page_2.jpg
Car Show Winners.pdf_page_3.jpg

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As most everyone has already seen, the trophies are pure K9 Crystal with a raised blue border along the left hand side.  We did not have these engraved since we had no idea as to how many we would actually use so we had clear labels specially prepared for each class and level.  The labels should be put on with water with a little soap mixed in so that it can be moved around before you squeeze the water out locking it in place.  We do not have spare or extra lapels, so use caution when you apply your label.  Each trophy comes in its own box with padding so we do not expect any damage during shipping, but if you do happen to have any, let us know and we will hold back a few just in case...

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