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Special UpdateS

This is where you will find breaking news regarding the event so bookmark this page and come back often to find out what is going on.  The latest news will always be at the top of the page...

Note:  As of December, we are also accepting ANY MAKE/MODEL vehicle for the Speedway as long as it is tagged for the street and insured.  You can find the registration forms under the Registration Tab above.  Pre-Payment is required in that we will not be collecting money at the event.

January 10, 2022


As we have mentioned above, as of December we started taking reservations for the Speedway for ANY Vehicle that is Licensed and Insured except for motorcycles.  The following 1/2-page ad is being published starting next month in a major magazine with a distribution of over 20K.  We expect that other car clubs around the Southeast will be very interested in the running of Daytona and all of the available slots will be filled quickly.  If you own a VW and want to be a part of this great event, you need to take immediate action.  Once we reach our max limit, registration will be closed.  And remember, pre-payment is required to hold your position.

News Cruise 010222.jpg

November 19, 2021

Now's the time to register for the running of the track at Daytona if you haven't already done so, as well as placing your orders for Herbie's 53rd anniversary shirts.

Thursday, November 29, 2021

Last Chance For Shirts...

Just a quick reminder that we are going to try and print all tee shirt requests in December/January due to the heavy work load during February and March. We have to order the transfers and shirts in multiple sizes and colors which take a little longer and then there are those who would like them mailed out early as well. Bottom line is that if you are interested in some quality shirts to commemorate the 53rd Anniversary of Herbie, you need to do so by December 6th. There is a form where you can easily choose the color and size from children's up to Adult 4XL. The form will calculate the amount for you, give you the option to have them mailed or picked-up at the event, and provides a link at the bottom of the page for pre-payment which is required. If you have any issues in your order, please let us know and remember, these will not be available at the event due to the variety in colors and sizes being offered.  And remember, these shirts will not be offered for sale at the event...


Order your shirts now by Clicking Here.



August 7, 2021

We have spent the last month trying to contact everyone who signed-up for the four day event (this does not apply to those who have signed-up for the car show/track only), either as a Herbie owner or fan, to try and identify who was still likely to make it if they possibly can, what type of car they would be bringing to enter into the car show (need the class you would be entering in) and/or run on the track at Daytona (this could be a personal non-VW car you are using or even a rental car from the airport), as well as the names of the people who may be coming with them so that we can start making up name tags when the time comes (It's better to have extra than to be short). 


Well, we now have a list which we need everyone to look at to make sure their names are on the list if they still plan on coming, to check and make sure we have the correct car listed and the show class if applicable, double check the names of those who may be traveling with you, and last but not least, look at the paid column and see if you have at least paid the minimum amount of $50 to ensure your place at the show (those who have not met the minimum are shown in Red).  If you have not met the minimum requirements, you need to do so as soon as possible and you can find the links to pay at the top of this page.  Click Here to review and/or download the file.

Now, please do not go jumping us if you believe you are improperly listed and/or believe the wrong information is shown.  We have numerous files that have to be maintained for the event including over 250 others who are just coming to the car show/track.  All of the money received so far is still in the PayPal Pools that were set-up along with the names of those who have contributed so that is easy to check and to verify if you believe a mistake has been made.  In addition, every registration and/or other general correspondence that has been received has also been logged so if a mistake has been made, it will be corrected.  I know that the rise in Covid cases are once again causing some to question whether or not they will be able to make it, but please, check this document over carefully and get back with us as soon as possible in that there are still many holes as you can see where we could not reach you. If we end up waiting until the last moment to gather this information, it might be too late...


June 6, 2021

If you have not registered yet as a Herbie Owner and/or Fan who is planning on spending the entire weekend with us, time is running out.  Advertisements are now being put out around the country opening the event up to ALL VW or VW Powered vehicles for Saturdays Grand Car Show and the Once-In-A -Lifetime running of the Daytona Speedway.  But as already pointed out, space is limited so if you are not one of those registered and who has made a minimum of a $50 deposit, there is a good chance there will be no room open for you when you show up.  Links have been added to the top of this page so that you can easily go to the necessary forms.

If you are registered and are making your travel plans, you need to make your reservations now for hotel/resort rooms and/or camping.  Again, the Planning Guide link above will give you all the information you will need.  Blocks of rooms have been set aside but will not be available forever since Daytona continues to be one of the hottest destinations in Florida.  You will find that we have been given the very best rates available so please do not wait.  You can always cancel if something comes up where you can no longer make it.

Please be aware that similar to the rooms, parking of trailers is a real issue in Daytona.  The only hotel that has some available space for trailers is the Clarion Inn Ormond Beach At Destination Daytona which is where we will be on Friday afternoon.  It's a very nice hotel and there is also a nice RV park close by.  We also have agreements with the Long-Term Parking at the International Airport for all week parking of trailers/tow vehicles at a price of $175.  This is a flat rate so it does not matter if you park for 2 days or all week.  And just yesterday, we were able to confirm parking for around 15 trailer/tow vehicle combinations at the Speedway (maybe as many as 20).  The main reason for this limited number is that they have a big show going on Saturday that will take up most of the track property.  Parking would be inside of their fenced property so it would be quite secure, but there will be some limitation as to when you could access these vehicles since they have limited gate hours.  This is being offered free to our group only but we will need to know if you are interested in using this area, the approx. size of your tow combination, tag numbers, etc.  You can contact us through Messenger or use the Contact page of this website.

Our Car Show is going to be really fun with up to 350 cars, beautiful K9 Crystal trophies, a professional band, a large 40X60 foot tent and more.  We are still looking for up to 5 more individuals who may want to be a judge at the show.  Each judge will be asked to rate up to 115-120 vehicles using an electronic tablet and for their trouble, we are giving the judges one free night at the Holliday Inn on the Beach (with beach front rooms) on Friday night with the ability to extend their stay if they would like for additional nights at the same discounted rate.  This would save you around $135 for the weekend.  Now if you really don't care to stay on the beach, we will give you this same amount to apply to a hotel/RV site, etc. of your choosing.  Again, please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested and convinced you are going to be here.  Otherwise, we will be seeking local individuals for this. 

We don't know about you, but we are really starting to get excited.  There is much to do yet, but everything is coming together nicely.  Hope to see you in April...


May 17, 2021

Time is running out to reserve your spot in Herbie’s 53rd Anniversary Celebration.  Some have asked why so early?  Well, the answer is simple.  This event is not going to be cheap to put on and in order for it to pay for itself, we need 350 cars registered for the car show on Saturday and 300 cars registered for the track on Sunday.  I have included 2 pdf files with this post.  One lists those who have made the minimum contribution and have locked in a spot at the event and track, see Reserved Registrants


The other is a list of those who have registered but have either not met the minimum requirement/contribution of $50 or have not contributed at all, Click Here.  Unfortunately, if you are on the second list, you may find if you decide you want to participate at the last minute, that there will be no space left for you.  Once again, I strongly suggest that even if you are not sure if you can make it at this time, please go ahead and make sure you make a contribution of $50 before June 1, 2021.  The commemorative items themselves which you would receive are worth more than $250 so you really cannot go wrong.  The link to the PayPal pool is  If you know any of these individuals, please help make sure they are aware of the urgency by dropping them a line or giving them a call.


Starting on June 1st, we will be starting a advertising blitz on as many VW sites and car shows as possible to fill the unused slots.  Once they are filled, there will be no more chance of entering your car in the special car show being planned or to run the track at Daytona.  I cannot say it enough, please if you have not paid the minimum required amount, don’t wait any longer.


Have you missed the latest information on the event?  Check below for a planning guide and for a list of the most asked Questions and Answers.



May 5, 2021

Just finished putting together a Planning Guide that includes hotel and camping information.  You can view it by Clicking Here.

April 14, 2021

The last couple of posts have raised a lot of questions, many which have been discussed before but I thought it would be a good time to post a Q&A document to answer those questions coming from new people interested in the event. If you have additional questions or would like to suggest another one to be added or clarification of any of the existing ones, please let me know.  You can download the file by clicking here.

I also have been having a lot of issues with the web developers user friendly tools to format this information for mobile devices.  If you are reading this on you phone and find that it doesn't flow right, you may want to try reading it on a tablet or desktop unit instead.

April 11, 2021

It's only been a week, but things do happen quickly when you are attempting to put on a really great event.  We do not want to leave anything up to chance.  Late last week we were told by One Daytona, the location that we planned on holding a really great car show along with the Herbie's, decided they had a conflict of interest with their sponsors (other automotive manufacturers) because of Herbie's relationship with VW.  After several attempts to salvage our relationship with them, we knew we would have to look at an alternate location.  There were five locations considered and each one was contacted and visited by us this week to see exactly what they had to offer.  It came down to a local shopping mall just down the street from the speedway which has a limited amount of parking that they are willing to rent out (approx. 350 spaces) and a stadium that had plenty of parking but was 6 miles out of town and very isolated.  We ended up talking to Gunther VW in Daytona that is across the street from the mall (Tanger Outlet) and they seemed really interested in possibly joining up with us.  We do not know what this means at this time, but the mall definitely has more appeal to them and also much more traffic (people) who would appreciated the cars.  


The bottom line is that we decided that the Tanger Outlet was the place to hold Saturday's event even with the smaller number of cars that will be possible.  We can still put up a nice size tent (40 X 60) for the sound stage and for people to sit under.  Gunther will feel good about bringing out some new cars for display and possible test drives, and with the smaller number of cars, we are now considering making it a judged show once again to make sure we fill-up the spaces available.  Remember, the whole idea here is to get at least 300 cars to come on Saturday who also want to make the laps at Daytona on Sunday.  The cost is still planned to be $10/car to help cover the rental fee on the property.


We believe this to be the best decision due to the location, the mall itself where individuals can get out of the sun as necessary, food courts, rest rooms, etc.  It will also be simpler than the larger venue we were planning at One Daytona making it easier to coordinate.  Anyway, we also checked out the beach where we plan on getting some dynamite pictures on Friday morning and were able to touch base with the beach patrol setting the stage for our visit, and made a number of calls to surrounding RV parks and state parks to see where you might be able to camp.  Next month will be a push to block out rooms and to provide you with more information on your visit.


I just made a post on Facebook a little while ago where I tried to encourage everyone who even has an interest in coming to make sure they not only have registered, but have  also made the minimum contribution of $50 by June 1st.  Time is running out and if those who have been following this event don't take immediate action, we will have no choice to start taking reservations from other VW enthusiasts who are interested in attending Saturday and Sunday's event.  With this being said, remember, once the 350 spaces are accounted for on Saturday and the 300 slots for the track on Sunday, there is a good chance you will not be able to participate in either of these events.  I've been doing my best for the last year to get everyone's attention but we are still a long way away from where we need to be.  Here is a copy of what I posted on Facebook...



April 5, 2021

Well, it's time to start thinking about the tee shirts being made for the event. We put out some samples a while back, but here they are again. We will be offering both childrens sizes as well as adult ladies and mens sizes up to 4X and in 3 colors, blue, gray and pink. These will be high quality 50/50 blends in full color and should really be great. Todd Ryone and his partner have agreed to make them for us but making shirts, like everything else, have some risks associated with it. We do not intend to make an abundent amount of spares due to cost, so we ask that if you are interested, you would use the form found at to let us know what you want and to do so prior to November 1st so that we can order the images, shirts, and have enough time to produce them. The quantity we make really drives the cost but we believe we can make what is needed for the prices shown on the order form. Pre-payment will be required on ALL orders and there is a link on the form where you can pay via PayPal. Anyone with a credit card can use PayPal but if you would rather mail in a check, please contact me via Messenger.

These can be shipped, however, shipping outside of the US becomes really expensive as shown on the order form. We have researched this thorougly and have not found a better solution other than being at the event itself and picking them up when you arrive. The workmanship will be guaranteed so you have very little to lose. Simply fill out the form, make your payment, and submit the form.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please post it here or drop us a PM. There is a comment block on the form as well for any special requests such as possibly putting the main image on the front of the shirt instead of the back. However, the images are based on shirt size and there are setup fees for making anything special so please, use what you see as far as images go. The gumball images will be around 2.75 to 3 inches in diameter and stripes are not planned at this time.


Please note, that the 3 colors shown reflect what is currently on the shirt suppliers website and may change slightly when ordered.


Breaking News 041021.jpg
Daytona 111921.pdf_page_1.jpg

March 17, 2021

Well, we keep moving forward the best we can.  Right now we are still waiting on detailed responses from One Daytona and the Speedway on cost figures, etc., but feel pretty confident we will be able to move ahead as planned.  Actually, we have decided to make Saturday a FREE SHOW for all VW's who want to attend.  The idea is to have them come in on Saturday so that we can get an early start at the track on Sunday.  Looking into all types of ideas for entertainment, vendors, swap meet, etc., including holding a contest for the best musical performance by a group or individual.  It should be a blast.  Here is the latest flyer that will start going out.  Pass the word to those who you know and who may be interested in coming.  Laps at Daytona by those who are not registered for the Herbie 4 day event, requires pre-registration and a down payment which can be done from this website.  If you have pre-registered for the entire Herbie event, you are already covered as long as you have made a minimum contribution of $25.  Registration is critical due to the fact we will be limited to how many cars we can actually fit into the time frame allotted for the track.  One last thing, many who have signed up for the Herbie event have asked, "well what are we getting for $150?".  Well, you get included in all of the special perks of owning a Herbie or being a die hard fan including entry to all of the events we will be doing such as the beach, swap meet, preferred parking at One Daytona, laps on the track and some very unique commemorative items that we have been working on worth over $200.  So don't hold out, register now...

poster-11inx17in-v 031521a copy.jpg

February 6, 2021

Things move fast in the land of Oz.  We have decided in order to help with costs, is to make the car show on Saturday, April 2, 2022 free to all and not have any judging as originally planned.  This will hopefully encourage more VW owners from around the country to attend.  It also allows us to have more vendors since we will be charging them much less than normal, live entertainment, and more.  10 X 10-foot canopies will be allowed to park your car and/or yourself under but will have to be anchored with 35-40 lb weights on all 4 corners to keep them from being a hazard if the wind becomes a factor. It should be a great day to meet new friends and see some really fantastic cars, busses, etc.  We are still waiting on One Daytona's final approval which may not happen until after the Daytona 500, but we don't see this being an issue.

POTENTIAL AGENDA 020621.pdf_page_1.jpg

January 29, 2021

Well, over a month has passed since our last update here on the website, so it's about time to fill everyone in on what is going on.  First of all, if you do not already know, the time has come and gone as to trying to pursue one of our favorite celebrities to come to the event.  There simply was not enough financial backing to make this happen.

Second, we have received good feedback from The Daytona International Speedway and One Daytona to know the basic costs involved with putting on shows at these venues.  The cost for putting on a top-notch event was between $30k and $40k and simply exceeded our anticipated budget even with trying to put on a car show to supplement it.  I would like to take a moment here to personally thank everyone who was able to contribute to the fund so far for what they have done.  Unfortunately, less than 30 percent of those registered were able to do so.  Twenty-twenty was a really rough year for many and we simply hope that 2021 will be much better.

So where does that leave us?  Well, I for one still believe in the little car, those who own them, and the thousands of fans around the world.  So here is what I suggest trying to make the best out of the current environment that we are in and feedback from those who are trying to help make this event successful.  Things may still change a little here and there, but I truly believe this is doable. 

For those coming in on Thursday or earlier, we will start off meeting as we did for the 50th, at a little car museum located in St. Augustine called the St. Augustine Auto Museum.  The owner has agreed to allow us the use of his very nice meeting room for us to meet in and go over the plans for the rest of the week as well as bring in catered food for anyone who wants it.  Of course, his private collection is pretty impressive as well and besides showing off our cars in front of his business we will also have the opportunity to go through his museum.  From the museum, we will proceed down to Daytona Beach along coastal US Hwy A1A running along the water.  It will make a great way to end your long journey.

Day two will be used to visit the world-famous Daytona Beach for pictures and some fun on the beach followed by a short drive of around 15 minutes north of Daytona to a place called Destination Daytona where they have an 11,000 sq. ft. covered pavilion that we will be able to take our collectibles and/or other trade items, and spend the afternoon simply enjoying some good music (hopefully even from some of our own), displaying the cars to the public, eating and even some spirits for those who indulge.  This will be a pretty mild, no pressure type day simply to enjoy some time together.

Saturday will be the busiest of them all.  We are attempting to work with the local VW club to put on a car show at One Daytona that is direct across the street from the speedway.  They have a number of stores, restaurants, movie theatre and of course, by simply walking across the street, the world-famous Daytona International Speedway which also offers a variety of displays, etc.  The show will start around 8 am and will run until around 4 pm.  It will be an all VW event with our cars being the focal point of the show.  There will be over 40 classes and 3 trophies per class as well as best paint, engine, etc..  Again, there will be live music, vendors, and much more.  At the end of the day, we hopefully can enjoy a nice dinner together in smaller groups.

Sunday will bring the event to a close by our visit to The Daytona International Speedway specifically for the purpose of running laps around the track. At this time, we have had to forgo the use of their infield due to cost, but our cars along with any other VW that would like to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime event will be able to enter the speedway in groups of 50 and take their turn at circling this world-famous track.  No, we will not be permitted to race the cars and there will be restrictions as specified by the track, but we will be going right under the start/finish line and I'm attempting to get them to agree to let us run the infield track as well which is more of Herbie's style racing.  It will make for some unforgettable pictures and videos, that's for sure.

So that's a quick overview of what has taken shape based on al of your inputs, financial contributions, etc.  As for cost, it will cost each car coming for the event $150.00, so if you haven't been able to contribute as of this time, you might want to start soon.  The "Contribute Here" page of this website has a link to the PayPal Pool page where you can donate as little as $25 at a time.  This will cover items such as the use of venues, beach entrance, car show entry, special trophies for Herbie owners/fans who register, and even laps around the track.  There will be a cut-off date given soon where if you have not contributed, you may not receive some of the special items prepared for those who do.  The $150.00 will not cover your food, hotels, or any other item that is individual dependent but is fully refundable if the event has to be canceled for any reason.  There will be a final registration form coming out soon where everyone will be asked to register once again to confirm your intentions and to give you the chance to order special commemorable shirts, etc..

For those who are curious, here is a map of the locations mentioned above.  Thursday's stop-over should be a great starting place since you can easily come down Interstate 95 coming from the north or across Interstate 10 from the west and then down to St. Augustine.  Let me remind those of you who might want to take advantage of this time, St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country would be a great place to spend a few days.  I will be getting room rates and pre-booking some rooms both in St. Augustine as well as Daytona before long when rates become available.

February 5, 2021

I've been playing around with some different ideas for trophies, shirts, etc., and really like the idea of using the image that Marcel created for the DVD covers for the 50th. Yes, there are plenty of other options, but this one really works for me in a number of applications. The main image still needs some work, but at least it will give you an idea of what I have in mind. What do you think...

Ashampoo_Snap_Friday, February 5, 2021_2
Ashampoo_Snap_Friday, February 5, 2021_2
Ashampoo_Snap_Friday, January 29, 2021_1
Herbies 53rd Announcement 122120

December 21st, 2020

Just to update everyone a little on our progress, Daytona has given us the official green light on April 3rd, 2022 for the track.  We've now made 2 trips to Daytona and St. Augustine to help layout a strategy as to what exactly we will be allowed to do.  Currently, we are waiting on cost details, liability insurance quotes, etc., so that we can start putting the details together for everyone.  One Daytona looks like it would fit in nicely on Saturday afternoon but it is still a little to tell for sure.  The Classic Car Museum of St. Augustine appears to have adequate area for us if we decide to use their facility including an area large enough for a sit-down lunch/dinner for all of the Herbie owners and more.  The owner is well connected in the area and is willing to help with things such as hotels, etc.  We actually spent some time up St. Augustine with our good friend Todd Ryone and his partner who live in the area and spent some time taking the short trip down the beautiful old A1A Hwy that runs along the ocean.  Overall, we are very pleased with the progress being made considering we are still 16 months out and the virus is still lingering over our heads.

We've talked about having other V-dubs joining us while we are in Daytona.  There are a number of benefits to this although it does require a lot more work.  Along these lines, we are putting out the following notice to start getting everyone on-board. Again, suggestions are always welcomed and if you or your local VW club is interested in helping to execute this great event, please let us know..






















October 23rd, 2020

Just got an email from the Daytona International Speedway and it appears that planning an event at the track on a Sunday, can be done in April on the 3rd, 10th, or 24th. After looking at the calendar for 2022, I have told them that I believe April 3rd, 2022 would be the best. Therefore, unless there is a major disagreement, Herbie's 53rd Anniversary Celebration will be held April 1-3, 2022 with a pre-get together on Thursday evening, March 31st

The next step is to meet with them to start discussing details and then following up with the other businesses around Orlando to see what we can do.




September 26, 2020

Yesterday, I had reached a point based on the lack of email responses, that there may not be enough interest in the event to continue and put out a notice that if we did not get enough response by October 14th, I would put an end to the planning.  Well, talking about having “egg on face”.  It turns out that after a major computer failure a few months back, the emails from the 53rd account stopped being forwarded to my personal email causing me to miss over 150 emails from everyone.  This has changed my outlook tremendously and I apologize once again if I came across negatively.  It was my way of trying to save the event.

Well, I have now gone through all the missing emails, updated the records and I'm ready to move on.  As of right now, my records show that 70 out of 110 have responded to the latest email where I basically was trying to identify where everyone was coming from, whether they were bringing a car or not, and approximately how many people were planning on coming.  Five had to drop out due to conflicts that have arisen and two more have registered.  There are a few “maybe’s” and it looks like there are around 55 cars that could show up.  Overall, very promising.  I still have to chase down the others who have not responded to yesterdays email, but it is now worth spending the time doing.

One last thing, and that is the celebrity pool.  Yes, a large majority indicated that they did want to try and bring one to the event and I set-up a pool to make it easy to contribute as little as $25 per period ($150.00 total) for those who want to see this succeed.  So far, we have collected $1978.00 but have a long way to go.  Of course, it is up to you if we do bring one in.  If we do not reach an acceptable level by the end of the year, I will return any money that has been collected or give you an option to use it on other expenses associated with the event.    You can find the link for contributions on the website.

Thank you once again.  I really believe this event can be even better than the 50th…

Gail Love

a.k.a. Drluv


September 4, 2020

OK everyone, I just wanted to provide you with a short update on what is going on. This week I talked with several individuals regarding the use of the Daytona International Speedway and surrounding facilities. First of all, it appears that they are pretty well booked Jan-Mar and have suggested we look at a Sunday in April for our event which I believe works well. We would still plan on a Thursday evening thru Sunday celebration so Sunday would work well. They do not have their calendar set up yet for that period in 2022 so I am waiting for them to look into their crystal ball and come up with a date for us.

As far as what we would be able to do without renting the entire speedway, we would be given the opportunity to run 3 laps around the lower apron of the track (this would keep the cars off the high banks of 3 and 4) with the cars passing under the finish line for photos. We would be limited to 50 cars at a time and it would cost $50/car for this experience. The tour group of the speedway is looking at what they will be able to do so that we could sample some of the other great areas of the track. This is normally $20/person. I will see what we can do cost wise once we get a better idea of how many we will have. There is also what is referred to as One Daytona which includes a lot of other historic items. We are still researching exactly what they could offer.

Bottom line, nothing is free. I’ve been trying to get everyone on-board to contribute $150/family/car for the main reason of getting a celebrity to come. I’ve even set up a PayPal Pool for this where you can give $25 at a time, asking everyone to try and do the full amount no later than February of 2021. So far, only a handful have contributed, and we still have around 30 individuals who have not even opened the last two emails I have sent out.

Please take this as another friendly reminder that unless you get on-board now, this event is in jeopardy. You need to show me that you are genuinely interested if you want planning to continue. The $150 currently will go towards getting a celebrity but hopefully, we would have enough left over to help cover some of the costs outlined above as well. But without your participation, we cannot solicit lower rates, plan group tours, get lower hotel rates, etc..






August 28, 2020

On August 12th, I sent out emails to everyone who has expressed interest in the upcoming Herbie’s 53rd Anniversary Celebration using an online service called Send-in-Blue which allows for mass mailing. As of today, only 69 out of 103 individuals have even opened this email, and only six individuals have actually clicked on a very important link within the email. Yes, technology is great and using this service, I can see who actually opened their mail, who clicked, who hasn’t, etc..

The reason I point this out to everyone, is that I considered this email to be very important and yet only 69% of those who say they are interested in the event has even taken the time to open it. Of course, it could be that the email got sent to the SPAM folder on your mail client, but even with that, I know that I go back on a regular basis to see what is being rejected to make sure it wasn’t important, and this is not the first email that I have sent out, there has been others with much higher response.

Now I’m a 70 year old guy who stays busy 16 hours a day and this is not the only thing I’m working on. Plus, we have a planning committee who is helping and if we do not see that you are serious about the event, then why should we be? Come on everyone, get on-board! Even if you are only 25% sure you might be able to make it in 2022, you still need to keep up with what is going on and respond when asked.

The bottom line is that the email sent out last week addressed both the location for the event plus it took steps to ensure we could pursue one of our favorite celebrities for the show. I know, not everyone considers a celebrity to be critical, but a majority of those who responded to the last poll indicated they would like to have one. Unlike the 50th, my family and I will not be able to put the money out up front and hope that you will respond once you arrive. We have to know by the end of the year that enough of you are serious about this topic. Otherwise, we will be dropping all effort related to it.

And of course, there is much more to come. We will be asking you for input, feedback, etc., and if your not opening your mail, then we either have to follow-up with phone calls or additional emails to try and make sure you are still with us. So, let’s do this. Check your email now and find the email dated August 12th with the subject Herbie’s 53rd Anniversary Celebration.

Thank you,




Wesnesday, August 12, 2020

The Planning Board wanted to share with everyone where we currently stand with respect to the 53rd.  We have tabulated the results of the survey on where we should be holding the event and the clear winner was Central Florida once again.  We know that this might create longer driving distances for some and possibly make it impossible for some to attend, but there simply is no way to have one location that would suit everyone.  We believe that we will include Daytona International Speedway this time around as well as some time in Orlando which is approx. 70 minutes away.  Our job now is to coordinate with the various institutions/cities such as The Speedway/Daytona and Disney to decide exactly when the event will take place, the things we will be doing, etc..  


In addition, around 70% of those responding to the survey have indicated that they would like to see a celebrity at the event.  In order to do this, we will need to raise seed money.  If you have registered, please read the attachment that was sent out today.  If we are fortunate enough to get someone to come, everyone who is at the event the day they are present will be expected to do their part.  A pool was started back at the beginning of the year for this purpose and you will find the link for giving in the attachment.  If we do not have a large enough interest/participation by the end of the year, we simply will not pursue having one.  If for any reason the event is cancelled or we cannot get a celebrity, your money will be refunded...


 Your comments are always appreciated.  Please let us know if you have any questions.




Gail Love



Friday, July 17, 2020

​Well, we have been at it for a little more than one month trying to get everyone’s opinions regarding the location of the 53rd Anniversary in 2022, and as of today we have inputs from 69 individuals who believe they are going to attend.  Out of the four locations, it would appear that…  Oh wait, we cannot share with you the preferred location yet, that would spoil the announcement.  I will tell you that it may be necessary to have one more poll before the final decision it announced.  That we will share with you in a couple of weeks.  Regardless, we would still love to hear from you if you believe there is a chance you might be able to make it.  Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty in our world today, but we are moving ahead as though 2022 will be the best most memorable yet.  So if you haven’t done so, go to right now and make your vote count!

One last thing, I’ve decided to cut off the voting on July 30th instead of August 30th.  The main reason is that I believe we have already heard from most die-hard Herbie fans and with the possible second poll being required, we will need a little more time to make the final decision.  So again, if you have not made you voice heard, do so now.  We would love to hear from you…




July 10, 2020

We now have 60 people who has responded to the poll regarding the location of the 53rd Anniversary being planned for 2022. Although this may not seem too bad, we were expecting many more to respond from a thread that has almost 500 members. Let me make it clear, you do not have to own a car or even have a VW in order to attend this epic event. But we would like to hear from you now in order to help us plan a little better. Your input is important to us.

So let us hear from you. We need to select a venue for the event and your input is needed. Please use the form found at to let us know where you think we should meet. Inputs are requested before August 30, 2020...


June 20, 2020

Ok everyone, it's time to make your vote count. We are attempting to select the very best venue/location for the much anticipated Herbie's 53rd Anniversary party. Please use the form found at…/vote-here to let us know where you think we should meet. Inputs are requested before August 30, 2020...


June 9, 2020

It may seem a little strange, however due to the expected turn-out for this event and the planning that needs to be done, we have put together a team of Herbie lovers to try and narrow down the best location for the 53rd based on information gathered through websites, phone calls, etc., and are within several weeks of asking for your feedback.  We know up front that we will not be able to accommodate everyone's wishes for the perfect venue, but hopefully by doing the research up front and sharing it with you, you can be involved in making the final decision.  Our hope is that the venue selected will be acceptable to most owners/fans and that they will be able to attend either with or without a car.  Stay tuned...

Another item is the pool that has been set up for bringing one of our favorite movie stars to the event, see the Guest Stars page above.  The only way to make this happen is to make arrangements with them early and to have the necessary funds to make it happen.  We have suggested everyone who plans on attending donate $150/family for this cause.  If we can work it out, we hopefully will be able to get one of the stars to agree to our timeline.  However, if we do not have the funds, it will not happen.  Please take the time to donate now, also under the Guest Stars page.  Your donation is secure and if we do not get a star to appear, your money will be refunded.  This is really important and we need your support before Christmas of this year...